Our Vision
We strive to be the Global Leader at innovation that provides "Growing Climate Solutions" for indoor growing. We work to engineer, develop, manufacture, source, supply and support products that provide and control the perfect temperature and humidity consistently.
Retailer Support
Our retailers rely on us to provide presale information for potential customers, support on the back-end and technical assistance.
Presale Consultation for Dehumidifiers, Humidifiers and Mini Splits
Whether a customer is using our equipment for indoor gardening or for cooling a living space, we help to educate the customer to ensure that they get the right products to fulfill their needs. Call us at: (877) 943-3251
Installation Support and Tricks of the Trade
Whether you're installing a DIY Mini Split, a 10 ton commercial solution or anything in-between we strive to support your "Growing Climate" needs with industry leading trained professionals. We are committed to developing and offering "Best in Class" support for the Growing industry. Our commitment to you is to strive to provide the tools and support required to produce the best "Growing Climate Solution" on the planet.
Knowledgeable Troubleshooting Assistance
We help our customers overcome unique challenges through active listening, understanding and responsive assistance.


Ideal-Air™ is a supplier of air conditioners, dehumidifiers, ducting & related equipment, based in the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in products for the Do-it-Yourself person.

The principles of Ideal-Air™ are clear: build a durable product that satisfies our customer's needs, build a quality product with the best components available in the marketplace today and build a reputable product line that's synonymous with Hawthorne Gardening Company traditions. Ideal-Air™ is proud to have accomplished each of these principles.

Each product is built with the best quality components and materials available in the market. For example, we use heavy-duty powder coated, sheet metal housings, instead of plastic. Each and every unit comes with easy to follow instructions and includes step by step diagrams for simple set-up and use. All Ideal-Air™ products are backed by a warranty that is unparalleled in our business. Our technical assistance and repair facilities are known for their quick turnaround time and their high level of service. These are products created for our industry, by our industry, and it shows.

We hope you will give our air conditioners, dehumidifiers, ducting & related equipment, a try. We are confident that you will be satisfied for years to come. These products are available exclusively at fine indoor garden centers. Please visit your favorite Dealer and ask specifically for Ideal-Air™.