• Mini Split Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps (Part #s 700485, 700490, 700495, 700500, 700505, 700510, 700476, 700478, 700480, 700482)
  • Commercial Grade Dehumidifiers (Part #s 700895, 700896, 700897, 700899, 700834, 700836)
  • Portable Air Conditioners (Part #s 700875, 700877, 700881, 700820)
  • Window Air Conditioners (Part #s 700810, 700815)
  • Basic Dehumidifier (Part #700830, 700826, 700828)
Hawthorne Gardening Company warrants to the original owner of this product, should it prove defective by reason of improper Workmanship and/or material, that the defective parts are warranted for a period of ONE YEAR. This warranty is not transferrable.
DIRECTIONS FOR WARRANTY CLAIMS(The following specific steps MUST BE FOLLOWED to qualify for warranty claim:
  1. DO NOT return the product to the reseller from where it was purchased. Instead, please contact Ideal-Air Support at (877) 943-3251 or [email protected] Ideal-Air Technical Support will provide troubleshooting assistance to help identify any failed parts, and determine if the item qualifies under the terms and conditions below.
  2. If a product is authorized for warranty by Ideal-Air, the owner may choose from one of three options below:
    • Ideal-Air will provide a new or refurbished part and provide phone technical support to help the owner make the repair themselves.
    • For difficult repairs, or repairs outside the lower 48 us states, Ideal-Air will pay (up to $300 per repair) for a qualified professional repair technician to perform a repair and provide the warranted replacement part.
    • The owner can request to have Ideal-Air Technicians perform the repair, provided the owner pays the shipping costs to deliver the product to the Ideal-Air repair location when product is out of Warranty. Ideal-Air will make needed repairs and pay for shipment of the product back to the owner. Any out of Warranty repairs will be billed to the consumer at a rate of $60.00 per hour not to exceed $300.00. If repairs are to exceed $300.00 the consumer will be notified and options discussed.
  1. REPLACEMENT PARTS: Ideal-Air will replace any defective part without charge for the part for a period of One Year. Replacement parts are warranted for the remainder of the original applicable warranty period. Defective parts may be required to be supplied to Hawthorne Gardening Company in exchange for the replacement part and become the property of Hawthorne Gardening Company
  2. NO LABOR: This limited warranty DOES NOT INCLUDE LABOR or any other costs incurred for service, or replacement of the parts or product except where pre-approved by Ideal-Air Technical Support. This includes maintenance, repair, removing, replacing, installing, complying with local building and electric codes, shipping or handling. Ideal-Air labor rates are $60.00 per hour.
  3. MAINTENANCE REQUIRED: Ideal-Air products are designed to be maintained by the owner, and the owner is solely responsible for all labor and other costs involved in owner-required maintenance. Instructions for air filter cleaning and other maintenance procedures can be found in the Owner's Manual for the product. Failure to maintain an Ideal- Air product may VOID its warranty.
  4. PROPER INSTALLATION: This Limited Warranty applies only to products that are installed according to the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. Many products require professional installation. Failure to adhere to the Installation Instructions may VOID this warranty.
  5. MODIFICATIONS: Modifications to the equipment or systems will VOID this warranty.
  6. PROOF OF WARRANTY QUALIFICATION: The warranty period begins at the time of purchase. Proof of purchase shall be an original sales receipt. It is strongly suggested that end-users save their sales receipt. In the absence of the sales receipt, the warranty period shall begin 90 days after the date of manufacture found on unit (in some cases, within the serial number). Products must be registered on line at on the link at top of page and store receipt can be uploaded to activate Warranty. We will also provide email updates, tips along with product service and cleaning reminders for your products.
  7. EXCLUSIONS: This limited warranty DOES NOT COVER: property damages, malfunction or failure of the product, or personal injury caused by or resulting from: (a) accident, abuse, negligence or misuse; (b) operating the product in a corrosive or wet environment containing chlorine, fluorine or any other hazardous chemicals; (c) products that have had a serial number or any part thereof altered, defaced or removed; (d) product used and/or installed in any manner contrary to the Installation and/or Operation Manual; or (e) damage caused by force or the result of power surge damage caused by lightning and fluctuations in or interruptions of electrical power. Owners are strongly encouraged to be prepared by keeping a back-up source of heating/cooling in case of emergency.
  8. LIMITATIONS: This Limited Warranty shall not be enlarged, extended or affected by:
    • Any technical advice, information, and/or service to Owner in connection with the product.
    • Under no circumstances shall Ideal-Air be held liable for: (i) damages to person or property; (ii) loss of revenue or profit; (iii) removal or disposal of system, resulting from any product defect.
    • Some states do not allow limitations on warranties or exclusions or limitation of damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply.
    • Ideal-Air Limited Warranty is valid only in the continental "lower 48" United States. Alaska, Hawaii and Canada, please contact Ideal-Air:877-943-3251 or email [email protected] for details.